Friday, January 30, 2015

Gearing Up for the Superbowl

At the Superbowl last year, I was rooting for the Seahawks because I wasn't going to root for the Broncos. This year, I'm rooting for the Seahawks because I like to make enemies (My dad is rooting for the Patriots), and because the Seahawks know what it's about.

For the Seahawks it's not about the wins, it's not about the fame, and it's not just about the football. It's about bringing glory to God in whatever they do, and about doing what God made them for. Just what life is about. It's not about the success, it's not about the fame, or the money. It's about doing what you were made to do, and giving God the glory.

Now, I understand that just because a couple players and two coaches profess to be Christians doesn't mean that the whole team is Christian, but for those members of the team that do... Rooting for and cheering on my brothers in Christ - the ones who are willing to make a stand and openly share their faith - is enough of a reason for me.

Go Seahawks!

~The Random Rambler

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