Friday, February 13, 2015

Why I Don't Wear Makeup

This was mostly written late Wednesday night... 

I don't wear makeup because it costs money.
I don't wear makeup because I don't know how. 
I don't wear makeup because I don't have time.
I don't wear makeup because my mom hasn't worn makeup since my brother ruined her last tube of lipstick, causing her to throw it out and realize that any other makeup she had was dried out.
I don't wear makeup because the only time I really wanted to, I was too young to wear it anyway.
I don't wear makeup because I have always known that if I start using one type of product, I would soon become sucked into all of it.
I don't wear makeup because I know God made me the way I am, and if he wanted me to look different, he would have made me that way. 
I don't wear makeup... because I just played around with some colored chap-stick for about 5 minutes... and I was shocked with my own behavior when I realized how I was acting. 

Maybe it's because it was late at night.
Maybe it's because I knew everyone else was sleeping, therefore there was no chance of anybody walking in. 
Maybe it's because I tend to play around and be weird late at night in the bathroom anyway. 
Maybe it's because I was wearing a too tight, too thin, T-shirt that I normally only wear underneath other clothes.
Maybe it's because I was drawn in by the contrast of the white shirt, and dark hair, and red lips.
Maybe that's the point.

Makeup is one of those things that I know, if I wanted to and if I could actually manage to apply it correctly, I could pull it off, and pull it off well.

I've heard different opinions on how guys feel about makeup. I've heard that it makes a difference, and I've also heard that they tend to not notice (therefore not making a difference) whether or not a girl is wearing makeup. I can't help but wonder what thoughts would have gone through a guy's head if they had seen me, knowing that the color contrasts on myself were appealing to me...

No, I don't know how guys feel about makeup, but I do know this: 

          My attitude changed as soon as I saw myself with that lipstick on... and as soon as I had wiped it off and looked back in the mirror. 

My attitude, my thoughts, my emotions, my motives... all changed. And no, not in a good way.   

Maybe it's because I've never really worn makeup before (once while I was at a friends house doesn't really count..), but that doesn't sound like a reasonable excuse to me. 
Somewhere, in those 5 minutes, my thoughts and actions when from "Okay, I did a decent job of putting it on, and it doesn't look so bad.." and smiling at myself in the mirror to "Oh, yeah! Man I look good!" and making kissy lips at the mirror. 

If you ask me, that's not okay. 

Now, before you accuse me of calling out all the girls who wear makeup, let me make my next point. 
I don't have anything against makeup. Just like I don't have anything against nice looking hair, or cute clothes. But, just as with clothes and hair, I believe that there is, or needs to be, a balance.

Cute clothes that look nice and flatter you? YES!
Tight revealing items that draw attention? Expensive designer clothes that are right off the run way or the trendy new fashion? Shirts that come down just a little lower? Or shorts that are just a few inches shorter?

Hair that's styled in a way to frame your face, or compliment your outfit, or that's held by a fancy clip? YES!
Hair that took you hours to do? Hair that has more product in it than the fingers on your hand? Hair that's styled in a way to turn heads, and make you stand out in a crowd?

Makeup that compliments your God-given features, and brings out your best qualities? Yes. 
Makeup that's used to cover up your 'imperfections' and 'flaws'? Makeup that has to be put on before you can go anywhere, or anyone can see you? Makeup that's worn to draw attention to your self? 

First of all, you are made by God. God isn't capable of making anything with 'imperfections' or 'flaws'. Therefore, you don't have any.
Secondly, anything that's done for the sole purpose of bringing attention to yourself, or your body, is wrong. 

If it's your choice to wear makeup, then that's exactly what it is. It's your choice. But know that you are beautiful without it, and the only reason you should want to wear makeup is because you want to. And you want to because you want to glorify God and honor Him in the way you look. And if you believe that making your lashes look longer, or showing off your lips with some color is honoring God through the way you look, then I'm all for it! I will stand beside you and defend you from those who might say you can't or shouldn't wear makeup. I'd even be willing to play around in the bathroom and put some on with you. 

I choose not to wear makeup because I would rather gain an extra 15 to 30-or-so minutes of sleep, instead of putting makeup on. 
I choose not to wear makeup because I would rather spend my money on other things such as clothes or chocolate or other such pleasures. 
I choose not to wear makeup because (unless I have a big pimple show up) I don't care if I wear it or not. 
I choose not to wear makeup because I've lived for as long as I have without it, and I don't see the need to start now. 
I choose not to wear makeup because I don't want to be seen for my makeup. I want to be seen as me. 
I choose not to wear makeup because I don't want to present a false picture. 
I choose not to wear makeup because if there's a chance it draws more attention to myself, then I would rather not have that attention. 
I choose not to wear makeup because I don't want to. And that's my choice. 

What do you think about makeup?

~The Random Rambler

Friday, January 30, 2015

Gearing Up for the Superbowl

At the Superbowl last year, I was rooting for the Seahawks because I wasn't going to root for the Broncos. This year, I'm rooting for the Seahawks because I like to make enemies (My dad is rooting for the Patriots), and because the Seahawks know what it's about.

For the Seahawks it's not about the wins, it's not about the fame, and it's not just about the football. It's about bringing glory to God in whatever they do, and about doing what God made them for. Just what life is about. It's not about the success, it's not about the fame, or the money. It's about doing what you were made to do, and giving God the glory.

Now, I understand that just because a couple players and two coaches profess to be Christians doesn't mean that the whole team is Christian, but for those members of the team that do... Rooting for and cheering on my brothers in Christ - the ones who are willing to make a stand and openly share their faith - is enough of a reason for me.

Go Seahawks!

~The Random Rambler

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Message to Girls

To girls and women everywhere:
(And if you're a male, it's the same for you too.)

You are priceless.
No worldly cost could ever amount to the price you are worth. No number of pounds or even tons of diamonds, silver or gold could ever add up to the price of you.
 Because you,
are not just another girl.
 You aren't just one in a million. 
You aren't invisible.

You were made by God. 
You are special. 
You were made to shine. 

You are God's handiwork; 
meaning He made you with His hands. 
He didn't just throw some hair, eyes, bones, and muscles together so that there was another human on the earth.

He picked you to have your big, bright eyes. 
He picked you to have your big, bushy eyebrows.
 He gave you your freckles, 
and your un-perfect skin.
He gave you your adorable laugh, 
and your lanky legs,
 and your clumsy tendencies. 
He picked out your frizzy hair, 
and placed it over your sticking-out ears.
He dipped His finger in His people paint and gave you that funny colored patch of skin.
And then He gave you life.

You are not perfect.
But neither is anyone else.

God made you unique.
You are unlike anyone else.
And you are beautiful, because God said you are.

Go tell the world.

~ The Random Rambler

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Struggle

I want to write. But I don't know what to write about. I know that soon, words will come. But will they make sense? Will they suffice? Will they meet the standards I have for them? Will they speak to others, and inspire them to change? Will the words that come bear meaning and significance? Or will they be just that? Words.

I want to write. But I don't know if now is the time. There are always other things to do. Will the idea come to mind? Will a small thought in my brain stay for more than a few seconds so that it can take root and grow? If it does, will that growth soon be halted? Or will it bloom into something breathtaking?

I want to write. I want the jumbled scattered thoughts to mold together to form words that flow. I want to master the power of inspirational, motivating, life-changing words. I know the words are more likely to flow from a pen in my hand onto paper, then to flow through my hands onto a screen. Both actions are so easy, so thoughtless, so normal, yet one works better than the other the majority of the time.

I want to write. With a pen in my hand, my hand practically flies over the pages! But when I sit and stare the screen in the face, the result is slow, and agonizing. With a pen, no matter what I've written, the damage is done. There is no un-writing the words on the page. The only way to destroy the evidence is to burn the paper to ashes with a flame. But with a screen, all that needs to be done to exterminate the words is press one button, and the work vanishes.

With a pen and paper, it's easy. It's as if the thoughts in my head know when to become words. They know they are only going to show on a paper that will never be seen by anyone else unless the writer shows it to someone. And they also know when they are expected to be shared on the internet for tens, hundreds, even thousands or millions to see, so they hide.

But maybe it's not the words who are afraid. Maybe it's the thoughts. The thoughts that are so fast and powerful, and yet so hidden and weak. The thoughts that tell you how to break the person, or how to make the person. But maybe that's the key. Maybe it's not the words or the thoughts that are hesitant or afraid. Maybe it's the person.

I want to write. But the words don't come. The words don't come because I won't let them come. I hide them, and I bottle them inside. I quiet them, and shield them from the mocking eyes of the world. I protect them, so that I feel that I protect me. I lock them in a cage, so they can't get out, so that no one will know what they are. But when I let the words loose? What happens then?

What will they say? What insecurity and hurt will they reveal? What stand will they take? What lives will they change? What if they fail? What if they are so jumbled and scrambled and disorganized that they don't make sense to anyone? What if they don't change someone's life, and instead continue to twist it down a dark path? What if the words aren't the right words? What if the ideas aren't the right ideas? What if they cause more hurt than healing, and more pain than relief? What if they don't live up to my standards? Or the world's standards? What if the words turn back around and hurt me? What beautiful picture will they paint? What thoughts will form in the mind of the reader? What difference will they make? What wonder and beauty will they show? What then?

What if I let myself loose? What happens then?

What will I say? What insecurity and hurt will I reveal? What stand will I take? What lives will I change? What if I fail? What if I am so jumbled and scrambled and disorganized that I don't make sense to anyone? What if I don't change someone's life, and instead continue to twist it down a dark path? What if I am not the right person? What if my ideas aren't the right ideas? What if I cause more hurt than healing, and more pain than relief? What if I don't live up to my standards? Or the world's standards? What if I turn back around and hurt myself? What beautiful picture will I paint? What thoughts will form in the mind of the viewer? What difference will I make? What wonder and beauty will I show? What then?

I want to write. The words are scattered and scrambled. They're disorganized and out of order. They're far from perfect, and far from making sense. They're hard to get out, and they just won't flow. But I sit down, and I type, and I save and hit the publish button anyway. 

~The Random Rambler

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Spirit of Christmas

Yes, I know what you're thinking.  "A Christmas post. Oh, boy. Here we go again. Another post about the truth of Christmas. Another post telling me what to do, and what not to do. Another post that says to remember Christmas was a 'silent', 'peaceful' night."

No, no, no. Get those notions out of your head. Yes, I agree that most Christmas posts are about the commercialization of the holiday, and about the "true meaning of Christmas" and the "reason for the season." No, I do not think the Christmas night was peaceful, nor silent, but that's a different discussion.

I'm not going to go there. Well, maybe I will, I haven't decided yet. Yes, it's absurd that Christmas decorations are for sale as soon as it starts to get cold outside, and that Thanksgiving is shoved off to the side so that we can 'celebrate' Christmas, but I'm not going to get into all that. Everybody knows that. And the majority of people will remind you that Christmas is about giving, and not the gifts, or that Christmas is a time of family and peace, or that Christmas is about Jesus and not Santa, and while that is all true, that's what pretty much everybody else is telling you, so I don't have to.

Nor do I want to.

I'm not saying that we should de-commercialize the holiday. I'm not saying that we need to step back from the Christmas stress, and focus on the reason Christmas started in the first place. No. Those may be valid points, and things that need to be done, but that's a different discussion.

Now that that's been said...

The Christmas spirit. Ugh.

You see it in Christmas cards, and on inspirational photos. You see it on the fancy plaques and through the storefront windows. Those cheesy lines that are supposed to make you feel all warm and snuggly inside. Those seasonal sayings that are supposed to induce you with the urge to 'hold those you love a little closer', and 'love those who don't know what love is', etc. etc.

Now, don't get me wrong on any of this. I'm not a Bah-humbug Christmas Scrooge. I enjoy listening to the Christmas songs, and decorating the Christmas cookies. I savor the peppermint and the eggnog and the cranberry flavors (no pun intended). I relish (there's a pun in there somewhere...) the memories made while setting up the Christmas tree, and hanging up the stockings(that is, if we hung up stockings). I do take pleasure in the Christmas season.

I guess I have two points here.

Point number one:
Christmas and Easter are supposed to be times when we reflect on Jesus. When we drop everything and focus on Jesus' birth and Jesus' death and resurrection. When we rejoice, and show and share our thankfulness for His gifts. God gave us the greatest gifts we could ever want. He gave us His only Son, and He gave us His life. He humbled Himself to take what He didn't deserve, and instead took what we deserved. As Christians, these are the foundations of our faith. Why is Christmas the only time we tell ourselves that Jesus is the reason for the season? Why is Easter the only time we are supposed to truly focus on Christ's death? Why we don't spend the whole entire year focusing on the fact that Jesus was made alive, so that He could die and be made alive again? Why do we only take time to reflect these things during their designated months of the year? Aren't these facts so precious to us that we should be focusing on them throughout the whole entire year?

Point number two:
Following suit with point number one, why does the world only intoxicate itself with happy thoughts of doing good during Christmas time? And why do we as Christ-followers tend to do the same? We follow Christ, not the world. It's one thing for the world to only dwell on their 'good works' during one month of the year, but we are suppose to be the light of the world. We are supposed to stand out and do things differently. We are supposed to do 'good' things all of the time so that we may bring God glory.

Christmas has gone from the time to celebrate Christ's birth, to the time when Santa comes with presents, to the time of the year we 'share the love and warmth' and spread the 'spirit of Christmas'.

Is there really a spirit of Christmas? Or is it the 'spirit' of Christ? Isn't Christ alive for more than one month out of the year?

~ The Random Rambler

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My First Ramble

Hi. I'm glad you stopped by. But who knows, maybe this will be the only thing I ever post. Maybe this will sit in my saved drafts, and I'll never post it. Maybe I just spent 15 minutes starting a blog that I'm never going to use. But maybe not. 

Maybe I'll post something embarrassing, and I'll regret ever starting this blog. Maybe I'll pen a post or two, and then leave this blog to join the many others across the internet that got started, then stranded. Maybe I'll sit back when I'm old and reflecting on life, and I'll wonder what would have happened if I had actually used this blog. But maybe I won't. 

Let's step out of the box here. Let's step back and think big. Let's dream.

Yeah. I'm good at that. But most of the time I dream about silly things that won't matter in 5 years. Or even 5 weeks. Except that it would take a lot less than 5 weeks for a truckload of chocolate delivered to my door to start to matter. Or I'll dream about starting something that I end up never doing. Or I dream about.. This is why these are my ramblings. Back to stepping out of the box and dreaming...

Maybe I'll use this blog consistently. Maybe my ramblings will inspire someone. Maybe they'll change someone's life. Maybe this blog will be read by lots and lots of people, who will talk about it and share it. Maybe it'll change a lot of people's lives. But maybe it won't. 

Maybe I'll write this blog for years and years. Maybe I'll just keep hoping, and waiting, and praying for at least one person to find this. And maybe, just maybe that person will find this. And maybe that person will laugh, or cry. Or maybe they'll change their life because of something I said. Maybe after all my work, and effort, and time, one person out of over 7 million reads this. But maybe that will be worth it. 

Maybe that person will make a change in their live that allows them to become the person who discovers the cure for cancer. Or maybe that person will change in a way that puts them in a position to influence a countless number of other people. Or maybe that person simply changes in a way that enables them to begin a personal relationship with God. 

And even though it may not sound like much to you, even if it sounds silly or naive, or if it still sounds like a waste of time, may I be the one to tell you: That, most definitely, will be worth it.  

~The Random Rambler