Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Message to Girls

To girls and women everywhere:
(And if you're a male, it's the same for you too.)

You are priceless.
No worldly cost could ever amount to the price you are worth. No number of pounds or even tons of diamonds, silver or gold could ever add up to the price of you.
 Because you,
are not just another girl.
 You aren't just one in a million. 
You aren't invisible.

You were made by God. 
You are special. 
You were made to shine. 

You are God's handiwork; 
meaning He made you with His hands. 
He didn't just throw some hair, eyes, bones, and muscles together so that there was another human on the earth.

He picked you to have your big, bright eyes. 
He picked you to have your big, bushy eyebrows.
 He gave you your freckles, 
and your un-perfect skin.
He gave you your adorable laugh, 
and your lanky legs,
 and your clumsy tendencies. 
He picked out your frizzy hair, 
and placed it over your sticking-out ears.
He dipped His finger in His people paint and gave you that funny colored patch of skin.
And then He gave you life.

You are not perfect.
But neither is anyone else.

God made you unique.
You are unlike anyone else.
And you are beautiful, because God said you are.

Go tell the world.

~ The Random Rambler


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